A National Disgrace: Time to End Sex Trafficking-Slavery

It is hard for people to identify a terrible injustice in the world to invest time to make a difference; we are overwhelmed by the sheer number and types of horrible happenings in the world.  That said, putting an end to the global sex trafficking-modern slavery is doable and worth doing.

A young man named Siddarth Kara provides people with a way to understand the nature and scope of this crime against humanity and a way to end it in his book “Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery.

There are nearly 30 million slaves in the world with ten thousand residing in the USA.  It has become politically correct to respond to such global problems by asserting we ought not endeavor to put an end to such injustices unless they threaten our national interests.  

It is too easy to punt responsibility to the UN though it would take more than a year for the UN to put boots on the ground to mismanage the problem.

The US spends more than a billion dollars a day on national defense projects.  

Kara’s research indicates we could essentially eliminate global sex trafficking with four hundred million dollars.  Pennies to rescue young girls and women from conditions and horrors that are too graphic to mention in this forum.

How does the “greatest nation in the history of the world” justify turning a blind eye to such unspeakable human suffering ?  We can’t.  Sure, the devil is in the details.  But planning and execution of the actions necessary to end global sex trafficking is doable.  

Most “first world” countries have the assets to eliminate modern slavery. Imagine the national pride that would come from such an accomplishment.  Our country continues to need to improve our standing in the global community.  A US sponsored operation that put an end to modern day slavery would go a long way to improve our standing in the world and how we view ourselves as Americans.

It makes no sense to fail to accept this mission that is a guaranteed success.  We need to see that the US can still lead and inspire other nations to do the right things-not just the profitable things.

What can you do ?   Telephone your senators and representatives to let them know it’s time to put an end to this unbridled evil—and fast.  


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