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Kevin Keough, Psy.D, is a 52 yo native Delawarean with a 24 yo daughter who is studying elementary education and a 21 son studying finance. They live in Wilmington, Delaware.
Dr. Keough earned a B.A. Degree with Distinction, with a major in psychology and minor in philosophy, from the University of Delaware.  He earned a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in clinical psychology from Baylor University. He served an internship in clinical psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Mental Health Division.
Dr. Keough completed his first year of post-doctoral supervision toward licensure as a staff psychologist at Western State Hospital; with an appointment to the University of Virginia Medical School, Department of Psychiatry, as an associate professor in psychology. Dr. Keough completed a second year of post doctoral supervision working as staff psychologist in a juvenile prison in Delaware within the Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services.
Keough initiated self-employed private practice in 3.1991. He established the Marriage and Family Center of Delaware (MFCD) in 6.1993 where he offered a broad range of psychological services including formal testing, initial assessments, individual, couples, and family therapy. He worked with adolescents and adults from diverse backgrounds with a broad range of presenting problems. Dr. Keough developed extensive collaborative relationships with family physicians and partnered with a psychiatrist for ten years. He served as a consultant to schools, businesses, and various community organizations.  Keough taught an Advanced Placement Honors Psychology course for two years at a local high school. He worked extensively with the DuPont Company employees during a protracted and difficult period of downsizing and outsourcing in the 1990’s
Dr.Keough traveled to the University of Denver to obtain training in the PREP approach to couples counseling developed by Dr. Howard Markman and Dr. Scott Stanley (http://www.prepinc.com ) He alerted the public to the unique benefits of this model in numerous public forums. He was invited twice to give presentations at the State of Delaware’s Division of Prevention annual convention focused on a model “Divorcing Parents Program” he developed.

Dr. Keough served as Chairman of the Delaware Psychological Association’s Political Action Committee from 1994-1996. During this time he met with federal, state, and local politicians to advocate for parity in insurance coverage for mental health services. Additionally, he consulted with local businesses in successful efforts to educate decision makers about the benefits and cost effectiveness of providing employees insurance coverage for mental health services. Keough was active in the Delaware Psychological Association’s Continuing Education Committee; he was instrumental in bringing nationally recognized  psychologists to Delaware for workshops and seminars.

Dr. Keough established the Police Psychology Consultation Center (PPCC) and related web site in 1995. The mission of the Police Psychology Consultation Center was to ensure that police administrators and rank and file  police officers and their families had access to comprehensive, competent, and integrated mental health and family services/resources/information.
Dr. Keough was an associate of the Special Psychological Services Group, the nation’s largest and most respected network of police psychologists.. He participated in approximately 70 ‘active’ ridealongs to be exposed to the rigors of different aspects of patrol duty. 
Dr. Keough worked with the New Orleans police department for a week, days after Hurricane Katrina hit.
Dr Keough established the Light Therapy Company following five years of intensive personal and professional investigation of  light therapy and negative ion generators as treatment interventions.

Dr. Keough abandoned his traditional role as a licsensed psychologist in 2005 with a fundamental shift to work as an educator, consultant, and public advocate for the delivery of evidence based prevention-early intervention educational modules covering “cradle to grave” topics.  These modules can be delivered in schools, churches, business, continuing education, martial arts schools, police departments, etc. with out a need for involvement by mental health professionals beyond initial training of trainers.
Additionally, Dr. Keough conducted audio interviews with prominent authors and leading figures in contemporary culture from 2006-2010. He launched the North Star Guardians Podcast and  Warrior Traditions Podcast in 2007 with the assistance of Deborah Harper, owner and president of Psychjourney.
Dr. Keough now devotes a majority of his professional work to creation and dissemination of information and resources covering a broad of topics through carefully created Internet sites.  Research demonstrates that the general public increasingly turns to the Internet to obtain information, resources, and guidance related to health, mental health, family wellness, and related challenges experienced during our lives.
Dr. Keough plans to focus a majority of his professional time to writing, consultation, workshops, implementing prevention programs, and collaborative work with other professionals




I come across a fair number of people in cyberspace–good people–who are suffering from some type of wear and tear syndrome or going through a cluster of rough patches. Some don’t know what to do, others are embarrassed, too many believe things will never change. Some people have had bad experiences with mental health professionals. Some are too old fashioned to even try.
Eventually, questions come my way.
Some people just want simple information. Some people are in a crisis. Some are dealing with a loss–death, suicide, divorce, unemployment, family or relationship problem.
Usually people need to be heard for starters. Then, it’s common for people to want a game plan or a directions to get through whatever they are in. Sometimes they want to know who to contact in their area or where to start.
The fact is that more and more people look for information, coaching, consultations, guidance, and the rest– on line or over the phone. After lots of reflection, I have decided to create a way for people to contact me about such things.
I have a knack for putting a finger on what is ailing people and coming up with a practical game plan. I like to work fast. . I am problem focused and solution oriented in approach to be helpful. I am aware of resources out there that could be useful to you. I like to make referrals. I know of websites, books, programs, etc. for virtually every challenge we face in the course of our lives.
I am very direct. I’ll tell you what I know and what I don’t know. I’ll let you know if I think I can be of help. I have setup an email address, land line telephone , and a “background information” form to complete that will be reviewed prior to our first telephone or IM contact–this will save time and money.
A Paypal account has been activated so people have a simple way to pay for contacts along with a very reasonable fee schedule.
If you know of somebody who might have an interest in a ‘consult’ please let them know that I am available.
This blog is under construction. Thank you for your patience. I am open to suggestions, ideas, and input. I hope to have things up and running in two weeks.
The first step is to send me an email at Klkeough@gmail.com

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